I Love You Messages for Dad: Quotes

Text him with these I Love You Messages for Dad. We also have I Love You Wishes, Quotes.

Special I Love You Messages for Dad

  1. Thanks for always letting me put on cartoons when you wanted to watch the game.
  2. You are my hero, and you are the best father in the whole world.
  3. Dad, you always led by example. I appreciate all you’ve done for me.
  4. I want to be your reflection and make you the proudest dad in the world. Stay beside me Dad, always.
  5. You’ve always been the person to keep me level headed throughout the years. You’ve shown me the way to be a great man.
  6. Being your son is awesome, but the worst part is that following your footsteps is more difficult that anything else.
  7. One day is not enough to honor how special of a father you truly are because you are amazing every day of the year.
  8. My greatest wish is to have a husband as loving and honest as you, Dad.
  9. Dad, you are the most wonderful person in my life. Thank you for everything. I love you now and forever.
  10. I can only aspire to be like the true gentleman you are. You are a constant in my world of emotional distress. Thank you Dad.

Best I Love You Messages for Dad

  1. I never give up because you never did. Thank you, Dad, for showing me that hard work always pays off.
  2. I have not seen any superhero, but I have seen you! You are my superhero, Dad. 
  3. Thank you for always loving and believing in me, Dad. These things mean the world to me. I love you always and forever, Dad.
  4. Superheros are not only found in the movies and comic books. There is a superhero in my life whom I call Dad.
  5. Thank you for showing me what a hardworking man looks like and always putting our family first.
  6. Everyone says that I look like my mom. But, I want to be like you Dad.
  7. I know that I have not been around often, and we do not talk much. Do not worry, Dad. It’s all about changing now. 
  8. You know me very well, and you are familiar with all my bad habits but still you keep on loving me. Dad Love u.
  9. The time that we spent playing PS4 together is the best time I of my life. 
  10. I could not have wished for a better friend, companion, and father. Thank you dad.

Sweet I Love You Messages for Dad

  1. Dad, My all the pleasures are with you; your smile is enough to make my day better.
  2. Daddy, it makes me feel so glad that; we are all a part of you!
  3. I am a champion of football because of your coaching. I love you Dad, you are the best coach.
  4. Every girl wants to live the princess’s life. I have never craved for this because I have dealt with you like a princess.
  5. I am the luckiest son to have such an honest person like you as my Dad. You are my idol. love you Dad.
  6. I am beyond proud of the father you’ve become. Luv You.
  7. I do not know that what type of love it is that you have for us, love that makes you hug me when I am sad.
  8. Thank you God that you have set such an example for all of us! We love you daddy!
  9. Without your help and support I cannot imagine achieving success in life. 
  10. You’re the most loving Dad ever. Love You Dad for everything you have given me!

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